About Justin

Justin is a licensed architect whose dedication to the craft of architecture and lifelong passion for restaurants has led him to develop an expertise in Restaurants Design.  

Since graduating from the University of Miami’s School of Architecture in 2001, Justin has constantly worked to expand his experience and knowledge across many market sectors, construction types, and jurisdictions. In 2010 he first had the opportunity to work on restaurant design and he found his niche working with chefs and restaurateurs to assist them in developing their restaurants. His restaurant experience ranges from chef-driven concepts to quick-serve, existing brands to new concepts.


His methodical approach to restaurant design begins before his mechanical pencil hits the sketch paper. Justin approaches design not by following his personal likes but by listening and understanding the client’s vision and developing that into a brand experience that is integrated into the physical space design of the restaurant.

Justin works closely with the client as well as their kitchen equipment companies, landlords, contractors, furniture vendors, branding and graphic designers, point-of-sales companies and even other architects and designers.  With his holistic understanding of restaurants, he fills the gaps of the different consultants and processes to have a cohesive vision and implementation.


Though he enjoys supporting restaurants all across the country, he is especially active with the local Boston/Cambridge restaurant community. Justin can often be seen at events hosted by local chefs, the MRA, and fundraisers to support food-based charities including No Kid Hungry and Lovin’ Spoonful. Justin is also continually active in supporting restaurants’ brand awareness with his presence on social media where he advocates for others to #SupportLocalRestaurants & #SupportSmallBusiness.

Outside of work, Justin spends time with his wife Lindsay, son Devin, and extended family. He is an avid fan of Boston sports, enjoys concerts, movies, and traveling.  His passion for local restaurants overlaps the lines of his work and personal life with his desire to experience the many incredible restaurants and meeting the chefs and staff.



A Boston based Architecture and Design firm focused on serving and supporting the restaurant industry. What we do:

We understand chefs and restaurateurs may not understand everything about the design and construction industry. Even before we are hired, we take the time to explain the architectural process, work letters in lease agreements, utility systems, egress codes and accessibility laws, and anything else we feel will help put them in a better position to make decisions to put themselves in the best position to succeed. 

Designing a restaurant doesn’t start with a blank canvas. Long before an architect is even approached, the owner/chef has an idea. A vision. Sometimes they can just close their eyes and see it. For some, it may just be a wallpaper and light fixture they saw on Pinterest.  And others, it could just be a lucid metaphorical thought. It is our job to listen, extract the essence of why they like it and then bring that design to life. We listen to understand how your restaurant will operate and flow, both FOH & BOH.

Design is a collaborative process, especially with restaurants. Owner, chef, staff, equipment vendors, branding and graphic design, decorators, investors, the community, engineers, landlord, even other architects and designers. 

Architecture is the balancing of technical details, structure, code compliance and engineering with aesthetics, scale, proportions, beauty, passion, and personality.  We approach every project with this in mind, blending these two opposing principles to come together into a harmonious concept. 

We are customers too. We love food. We love restaurants. We love hospitality. We love the restaurant experience. And did we mention we love food!

Create Your Vision

Restaurant design isn’t about our style, but taking your ideas and developing them, in a collaborative process to an aesthetic that epitomizes your brand.