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Restaurant Architect Justin Alpert on Accessibility and Hospitality [S2E5]

When designing a restaurant, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of choices to make. All these choices, large and small, contribute to your overall vibe – but some of the decisions you make may be ruining the guest experience for your customers with disabilities.

Today we’ve got an interview with Justin Alpert, a restaurant architect who is passionate about making restaurants more accessible to all customers. His twin brother, and frequent dining companion, is blind, so Alpert has learned all about the design elements that make or break the experience of a guest with a disability.

We cover:

The difference between designing a restaurant to code and designing a restaurant that’s welcoming and hospitable for all your guests
What restaurateurs should consider when looking at a new (or upcycled) space for a restaurant
Simple ways that any restaurateur with any budget can help improve the dining experience for customers with disabilities
How to train waitstaff to enhance the experience of guests with disabilities