Bar Pizza & Salad


Mansfield, MA

Project Year


Square Footage

2,837 SF

The South Shore is very proud of their Bar style pizza. The team behind Bar Pizza & Salad Co. have developed a chef-driven menu centered around their namesakes. This project was a renovation of a former pizza restaurant. We modified the layout to have a dedicated entry and area for pick up as to not slow down and detract from the customer experience of those ordering and eating in. The space is centered by a feature wall of black painted wood planks adorning their logo hand painted by local artist Mark Grundig. The space has a clean industrial feel with blacks, grays and wood texture which is rounded out by the exposed metal deck and ductwork. Dome lights highlight the ordering and pick-up areas with a matte exterior and branded orange and green interior cords. The Brand colors are also speckled into the tile behind the POS and in the restrooms. The back-of-house was modified to provide an efficient flow from prep to expo before the food goes to either in-house or take-out counters.